Care and Maintenance

Care and Maintenance

Here are some tips for caring for your new premium handmade wood cutting board or charcuterie serving board:

  1. Always store your new cutting board standing up not lying down (unless you have "feet" added) your cutting board may "cup" on one side. Flipping it over or store upright overnight will usually reverse any "cupping."
  2. After using, wipe away any food debris or juices with a damp towel
  3. Wash and rinse your board with warm water and mild soap. Do not submerge or soak in water.
  4. Dry your board immediately.
  5. Never put your board in the dishwasher
  6. You may notice that after washing the wood grain has raised. This is normal and will go away.
  7. Oil the board anytime it looks or feels dry. Let it stand overnight. Wipe away any excess with paper towel.
  8. Only use food grade mineral oil available at most hardware stores.
  9. If needed, use half a lemon and sea-salt to help remove lite stains and orders
  10. For heavy stains, lightly sand your board with fine sandpaper and re-apply oil.

Following these simple tips your new wood cutting board will last for years leaving you the opportunity to pass on to your children.

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