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When the host brings out the serving board you know something wonderful is about to come. While it seems a stretch, but that simple wooden board can easily become the most striking serving piece on your table. It has ability to reflect the mood of the host and transform the atmosphere of any room.

Whether small or large, round or rectangular, a board can take many forms. Every knife mark or stain tells a story of events past. Most importantly, each handmade serving board starts a conversation adding to the success of your special occasions.


Humble beginnings

Who we are

I've spent most of my working life in professional kitchens, 30+ years in fact, working my up from prep cook to chef. To this day I love to cook and coming from an Italian household where most gatherings take place in the kitchen, food was always available.

During that time, I started up the hobby of woodworking. Staring out making cabinets, entertainment centers (I’m dating myself with that one), coffee tables and dining tables. Through out that time friends and family would always ask me to build them something.

Over those years as a chef, I built a collection of rather expensive knives. I am very particular on how they are handled and what surface they are used. Years of experience has taught me wood cutting boards are the best and the easiest and safest to clean and sanitize.

Tavola Woodcrafts

All of your choice

All that experience led me to start Tavola Woodcrafts with a focus on the kitchen and food presentation. I wanted to create something that would not only look great in any kitchen but also be functional. So, I took the same dedication I have toward preparing a family meal into woodworking for the kitchen.

Charcuterie is all the rage these days. With that in mind, creating a cutting board that could be used as a presentation platter was a must. Developing quality hardwood cutting boards that extend your knives’ sharp edge was also a must.

All the products at Tavola Woodcrafts are handmade with locally sourced sustainable conscience domestic hardwood suppliers crafted in the USA. I hope you feel as we do that these boards will enhance your kitchen and home.


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Fast delivery

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Secure payment

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Fast turn around

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Please accept my sincere thank you for stopping in and looking around.
If you have a specific serving board/cutting board design let us know by filling out the Custom order form or dropping us a line. I would be happy to create your unique board.

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